Jennifer Miller Bagwell discusses whether marriage therapy works

Many people realize that their relationship may need some work and will perhaps even benefit from professional input, such as that provided by Jennifer Miller Bagwell. However, they may be wary of finding a therapist and going for counseling because they are doubtful whether effective. The truth is couples each couple can benefit from couple’s couples therapy for three main reasons:

We expect more from relationships today.

We have changed a lot as a culture and our expectations surrounding families, gender roles and relating to each other have also changed significantly.

Couples therapy has changed a lot

Marriage and couples therapists like Jennifer Miller Bagwell are skilled at what they do and they are getting more training than ever before. Even if you have had couples therapy before, your experience today can be radically different.

We don’t expand our relationship skills by finding a new relationship

Leaving a relationship before you have fully investigated what it is that you are doing and how you are contributing to conflict or dissatisfaction will not benefit you in the long run. People who leave their partners and enter inherently exciting new relationships, find themselves back in the same patterns because they haven’t explored the reasons for their past relationship failures or the changes that must be made to make a relationship work.

Things that happened during your formative and childhood years, for example, have led to the type of relationship that you might find yourself in today. A Licensed Therapist will help you get to the root of your conflicts and improve your communication styles. Contact Jennifer Miller Bagwell for more information about marriage counseling today.