Jennifer Miller Bagwell, LCSW has been practicing in the Broward/Palm Beach county areas for over fifteen years.

Originally from South Bend, Indiana, Jennifer earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.

After graduation, she began her career working with children and adults at The David Lawrence Center in Immokalee and Naples Florida. She became intrigued with the complexity of chemical addiction as a result of the groups she facilitated as well as family and individual therapy. In addition, she co facilitated batterers intervention groups for perpetrators of domestic violence who were also struggling with substance abuse. Jennifer gained awareness of the negative consequences of addiction on the individual and their families through her work.

From 2000-2003, Jennifer worked as a Primary Therapist at the Renfrew Center specializing in eating disorders and also facilitated their track for substance dependence. It was there that she developed a passion for deeper work exploring the issues underlying addiction, including trauma resolution. She became aware of the need to heal issues underlying addiction in order to promote sobriety and to improve client’s lives overall.

Jennifer began working in private practice in 2001 and opened her own practice in Fort Lauderdale in 2003 specializing in addiction, trauma, depression and anxiety as well as marital and family work. Her theoretical orientation includes a psychodynamic, relational and existential perspective.

Jennifer most recently worked as the Assistant Clinical Director at The Lukens Institute where she supervised unlicensed professionals and was responsible for helping develop the clinical program. She gained an understanding of the role of emotions in addiction, particularly people’s tendency to use to avoid unwanted experiences or emotions. She utilized experiential methods to heal core issues underlying addiction including unresolved grief and trauma.

Jennifer believes that it is crucial to understand each client’s motivation for why they use in order to individualize treatment, ultimately improving the likelihood of sustained recovery. Jennifer is passionate about helping individuals and families devastated by addiction. She believes it is possible for people to heal and live satisfying and meaningful lives with dignity and self worth.