What are addiction therapies? Jennifer Miller Bagwell discusses your options

Substance abuse and addiction can have devastating effects on the lives of people as well as their loved ones. Across the globe, billions of dollars are spent at rehabilitation centers and on counselling sessions and workbooks to combat addiction. As a Therapist, Jennifer Miller Bagwell has seen many people relapse and struggle to maintain long-term sobriety.

A famous Psychologist was recently quoted saying that treating alcohol and other drug dependencies through repeated episodes of detoxification and brief stabilization is clinically ineffective and constitutes a poor stewardship of personal and community resources. Another commonly cited *study followed addicts over the course of many years. Of those that followed traditional addiction treatment, only 20% maintained sobriety after one year and only 5% stayed sober after 8 years. Other research studies, such as a **study by Cutler & Fishbain, have shown that alcoholics who did not use conventional treatments had greater success and these researchers concluded that alcoholics that weren’t treated in clinical trials show a greater improvement.

Jennifer Miller Bagwell offers a range of addiction therapies

Any type of addiction is complex, but it is treatable. It’s also important to realize that no single treatment is right for everyone. While rehab may work for one addict, another person who is addicted to the same substance will benefit from outpatient therapy instead, for example. The right counseling, medications and treatment plans can only be determined after speaking to a therapist who is experienced in substance abuse and addiction therapies.

Jennifer Miller Bagwell is a therapist specializing in addiction therapies. To speak to Jennifer Miller Bagwell on the topic of addiction therapy, contact her today.